About the Winestain Club

Barry McNabb

Like everyone of my vintage, we began life drinking Mouton Cadet, Blue Nun, etc. And we thought this was good stuff! But alas, along came a bottle of 1989 Robert Mondavi Reserve Cabernet and the hook was set. This was in 1990. I spent a small fortune accumulating all the wine I could then, much to the dismay of my better half, and the addiction to wine set in. I wanted to know everything and anything about wine. I read, tasted, attended, and travelled to wine. If you were unfortunate enough to ask me about wine in those early years you would have walked away shaking your head saying "he's nuts!" And I was. It was my passion. I was becoming a wine geek! My peers though, appreciated the fact that they could find out anything they wanted to know about wine by simply calling me and I was more than happy to tell them everything I had learned.

The wine journey has since taken me to such notable wine regions as the Loire valley, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Piedmont, Tuscany, and everywhere wine in North America. BC too! (smiley caption of some sort). That, as well as, attending countless restaurant and wine events, professional cooking courses, and knowing many of the chef's and sommeliers in Vancouver, has instilled in me a broad knowledge of the nuanced interplay between food and wine.

I hope you join us! Cheers!

Founder / Wine Consultant