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Marchesi Lodovico Antinori Estate Tasting

December 31st, 2014 | in |    0   

As I was sitting at the office on Sunday watching the paint dry, literally, my good friend Tim Wilkins, from Trialto Wine Group, called and told me to be at their office Monday afternoon. Something special was going to be taking place there at 2:30. I had just spent all weekend working on a couple of projects including watching the painters work  my new office so I thought taking some time off Monday afternoon was probably a good idea. i arrived at the Trialto office at the prescribed time and was shown downstairs to their ultra cool tasting area. The boardroom table was sumptuously laid out with big plates of bread, olive oil, Parmeggiano, and Prosciutto. There were a number of local sommeliers and restaurant folk in attendance and we all took a seat as Tim introduced his special guest. Mr. Vittorio Mazzetti had just arrived this morning from Hong Kong and despite a little jet lag was here unveiling a new project from italy called Tenuta di Biserno. Vittorio is the External Relations Director for MLA and was very entertaining despite the crazy travel his job demands. This new wine estate is owned by the Antinori brothers, Lodovico and Piero, and is their first joint project together. That is pretty amazing when you think of all the wines these two have made individually over the years. Suffice it to say they are prolific wine makers and any new project from them is a welcome endeavour. In fact this is what Lodovico has been working on since the sale of Ornellaia and that's some pedigree! The new wine estate is in the upper Maremma region, in an area called Bibbona on the western side of Italy. Vittorio has brought five wines with him today from Tenuta di Biserno for us to taste and explained that these wines were meant to be tried with this good food in front of us. You don't need to tell me twice so I dig in. Bon appetito!

The first two wines we taste are named Insoglio del Cinghiale, one each from the 2009 and 2010 vintages. These wines are predominantly a Syrah blend as Lodovico believes this vineyard location has the ideal conditions for growing Syrah. The 09 is the more fruit forward and juicy of the two, due to being from a warmer vintage, but the 2010 will also soften with a few more years in the bottle. They sell for $40 a bottle which is a very good price for quality wines from Bolgheri. The next two wines we try are called Il Pino di Biserno and are a Cab Franc, Cabernet blend. We again have two different vintages, the 2007 and 2008. It's really cool to try these wines from two different vintages side by side as it gives you a clearer idea of the winemaker's philosophy. I can then have a better understanding of how these wines might age. They are a little smoother in texture than the Insoglio's and again the warmer 07 vintage immediately impresses with berries and spice and mouth feel. The 08 is slightly more balanced however and would be a very good candidate to put away for that future special occasion. These wines both sell for $70 a bottle. The fifth wine we try today is the heavy hitter, aptly named Biserno, and goes for $179.99 a bottle! This is why we attend wine tastings. Wow! The 2008 Biserno is a gorgeously lush mouth full of wine! I wistfully dream of having cases of this in my cellar. It is a blend of Merlot and Cab Franc, with a little Cabernet and Petit Verdot, and would be a well advised splurge.

All in all it was a great way to spend a Monday afternoon, mmm, working. Thanks again to Tim, Mark, Crystal, and Lindsay at Trialto Wine Group for taking care of us and to Vittorio Mazzeti of Marchesi Lodovico Antinori estates for taking the time to bring us this little gem from Tuscany. Ciao!