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Oregon Comes to Vancouver

December 31st, 2014 | in |    0   

What a fantastic day today. Not only was it a sunny beautiful late summer day but we were about to try the best wines from Oregon which include some of the best Pinot Noirs made in the world. This was deftly arranged by Michelle and Michaela from The House Wine girls as well as the BC Hospitality Foundation and the Oregon Wine Board. Thanks also to the US Consul for bringing the wines to Vancouver. We had a great setting at the RVYC on Point Grey road and started into tasting the best of Oregon's very famous Pinot Noir vineyards. The afternoon started with a formal sit down with renowned vineyards such as Sokol Blosser, Elk Cove, Archery Summit, Lachini, and a few other notable Oregon wineries. The formal sit down panel was both educational and fun as the Oregon wineries definately have a common goal. This is evident in the fact that they all look out for each other. Our moderator this afternoon was Cole Danhower, noted Oregon wine author and the panel consisted of Alex Sokol-Blosser, Ron Lachini, Adam Godlee-Campbell from Elk Cove Vineyards, and Darcy Pendergrass from Amity Vineyards. A very entertaining and informative look at a cross section of wineries from the several different sub appelations of the Willamette Valley.  The afternoon trade tasting had all of the best of Oregon wineries side by side and it was only the strongest of professionals that could make it around the whole room. I myself missed several noteworthy vineyards which is a testament to the number of fine wines that are produced in Oregon. There were too many truly outstanding wines to pick just a few and many of the food and wine industry folks in attendance happily walked from table to table with big smiles saying "yes please". The staff and kitchen at the Royal Vancouver Yacht club did a superb job of matching up canapes with the wines from Oregon. The upstairs dining room has a panoramic view of Vancouver and the North Shore mountains and was a beautiful backdrop on such a picture perfect day. With Oregon wine country only a short 6-7 hour drive away, it's tempting to drive down to the Willamette and do a little shopping, however more and more of these fine wineries are becoming available at our local wine stores. Save yourself a little hassle and angst at the border and shop locally for these outstanding wines but do make a trip to Oregon to see for yourself how this specific area of the Pacific Northwest can produce such world class wines. Feel free to contact me to find out more about which specific wines are available in your area. Cheers, Barry.