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Reasons to Collect Wine

December 31st, 2014 | in |    0   

As I was preparing to write about some wine events I had attended in the last month, one stood out in particular. It was my friend Roberto's birthday dinner, and we were going to the new Quattro's on Broadway with some friends/wine lover's to have a nice dinner with some of our prized possessions. It gave me pause to reflect on why I collect wine. I love the rush of buying trophy wines for sure! The fact that maybe I was one of the lucky ones in this great wine city of Vancouver to snag a few collector's bottles is a heady feeling but there is more to it than that. I have realized over the years that it's not for the simple reason of I have it and you don't, but to truly share these beauties with my friends and fellow collectors. There have been many times where I have been one of a few to purchase a wine where there were 10 six packs that came into the city! That's cool stuff and some would say "I'm keeping this stuff for myself". It's great to savour a beautiful bottle of wine but so much more an experience to share it with like minded friends. As I mentioned, we wine collectors are blessed to live in such a wine crazy city so there is no shortage of wine lovers to share a bottle with.

Back to the birthday dinner. There were nine of us at the dinner, including Tim Wilkins, from Trialto wines, Sid Cross from the who's who of Vancouver wine knowledge, Roberto of course, from Charton and Hobbs, and collectors Raj and myself, and our spouses. We drank a 1997 Krug Salon, Krug Brut, 1970 Chateau Cheval Blanc and 1970 Chateau Montrose, a 1995 Massetto and Rieslings from Trimbach and, I believe, an 1989 Burgundy from Louis Jadot. These were wines that we all had purchased back in their day, for much less than they are worth now, with the hopes of enjoying them in the future. It was not lost on me that I brought out one of my prized collector's bottles within this group of friends as I know they all have wine collections more vast than mine, but also really appreciate the time and effort it took to pick out these wines in the first place. I want to share my best wines with people I like, of course, but it should also be with my friends who have a little knowledge about what I'm collecting. Now I have also cracked open nice bottles with my friends that might not have had the opportunity to try these wines, yet I want to further their quest to become collectors. They will be able to take their newfound wine appreciation and spread it amongst their families and friends. This having been said, I feel there is lots of good reasons to lay down a case of the newly released 2009 Burgundies that costs $40 or $50 a bottle or  2009 Bordeaux in the same price range. There is a huge selection of wines from the Rhone Valley that will be coming through our stores from the 2009-2010 vintages for $30-$60 that are the best they have ever produced! There is also an abundance of well priced Barolo's and Brunello's from the 2006-2007 vintages in this price range that are delicious now but will age a decade. Throw in California, Washington, Oregon, Australia, Argentina etc and this is a great time to collect wines from all over the world. It takes me back to 1990, which was a classic worldwide vintage I first started collecting and I think now, other than slightly higher prices, is the best time to begin your wine journey. There are plenty of good affordable wines for your usual consumption but there are truly fantastic wines to save that won't leave you with buyer's remorse. Put some of today's classic wines away for a friends future birthday party, an anniversary, child's birthday, or any other similar celebration and you won't be dissapointed.  As always, I would be more than happy to assist you in building your wine collection for your future celebrations. Cheers, Barry.