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December 31st, 2014 | in |    0   

As I try to think of names for the club I want to create I’m often at a conflict as to what to call it. I envision many like minded people sitting together talking about wine but I also see the many diverse backgrounds of our club members explaining exactly what it is you do. I see the potential for so many synergies here as, I know all of you and what your interests are, and I think the benefits of a club style interaction will be a huge bonus. My plan all along was to have a place where the business people of Vancouver, North Shore specifically, could come by and share their love of wine while making some significant business connections. I have many visions of what the club can be and would appreciate your input as to any thoughts that you would like to share . After all it is your club. We will have lots of wine related events of course and I think in time we might incorporate a BC living lifestyle theme as well. I want to promote all things wine but also want to share the vast business and travel/leisure experience of our club members in a comfortable setting. It will be like sitting in a big wine cellar with your friends except it’s not all your wine being uncorked! That’s priceless! There have been many offers from the wine industry to do special wine tastings for our club so I’m anxious to get started. We are going to have a great time here so get your taste buds ready! To apply to Winestainclub hit the join up page. Cheers!